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What’s Your Why ?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

You just can’t ignore it. You know that voice that seeps through every cell in your body reviving them one by one. I want to speak and call upon something that is already in you, the very thing you were born to do and if you listen to it with your heart; that voice has the capacity to make you do it.

But that’s your call what do you with it. That’s what the voice does; helps you figure out how you can be true to yourself and figuring out what’s your why?

In the beginning, my lack of success had nothing to do with a lack of knowledge. I read, Googled, researched, asked questions, studied, read more than I can count. I had knowledge. Something was missing in my life, I felt dead and that’s when I realized my life had no “zing”.

Right now, I am at a stage where I am wasting my life and looking back I have done jack shit to do anything about it other than feel depressed about myself. I have thought long and hard about what my goals were in life. My first goal was to complete my Undergraduate degree with decent set of marks. That was a big goal for me and I knew it would take a lot to get there. I wrote down my goal and why I wanted to achieve that goal.

That is a pretty good reason, right? I firmly believed in this goal. But it was not enough. I needed something more to push me forward, get me out of bed at 5 a.m. each morning, or propel me to work through the night and not go to bed at all.

Funny enough, This though made me question anything I did like a little child would. The majority of them were, “Why?” So I asked myself, “Why.” Why was it important to have an education?. I figured that Education makes me more aware and would enable me to get a job which would be useful to set more goals.

There was a countdown going on, a limited-time opportunity. It was now or never.

When it is 5 a.m. and I need to get out of bed ,

  1. “I need to get up because I want to make the best of what my life has to offer”.

  2. “I need to get up because the clock is ticking and I have eight years to do everything I possibly can to do provide myself a solid foundation to pay my bills, travel, and invest for the future”.

If you are not feeling motivated, if your business is not moving forward, or if you find yourself feeling “stuck,” it is most likely because your “why” is not strong enough to pull you through the rough spots and make you push yourself to do things when you don’t want to do them. Keep changing your goals and reassess them constantly.

Don’t settle for the ordinary work around your problems. Only you can find out your true “why.” Remember that,

Give yourself a shot. Give yourself the chance for a happier life, a life that makes you fulfilled and content. As long as you are not living the life you were destined to you are slowly dying inside. If you don’t listen to your guts that are trying to tell you what to do, you will be utterly unhappy.

Your soul is going to suffer, it’s going to be dying of your disbelief that you didn’t give yourself the chance to be more, to do more according to your best capabilities. If you are unhappy with your life then make a change.

Hit the restart button and find your thing that gives you joy every day, that it’s worth getting up for. Forget about your “boundaries,” there are no limits, only those that you created in your head. You don’t need them anymore.

But if you give up on yourself, you will become a prisoner in your own life suffering from all those missed opportunities that were in front of you, that you should have just had the courage to realize.

So, tell me “What’s Your Why ?”

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